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“There resides in everyone the spirit of adventure, that small flame that inspires life’s quest. All that is required is the kindling and then it will burn brightly. The first sips of freedom’s heavy brew are intoxicating and will pull you ever onwards, as it has me. Drink freely of it and you will not be disappointed. May fair winds fill your sails and the lee shore never find you.”

Robert Louis Boudreau
May 12th 1998


Lou and Sarah-Jayne Boudreau took up writing when they swallowed the anchor in 1996. Both published authors, Lou and Sarah-Jayne now sell their own books on Caribbee Books. Lou has written both fiction and non-fiction, and his first fictional novel was made into a major motion picture film. Sarah-Jayne has completed the first in her series of children’s books. You can order here from Caribbee Books and your book/s will be signed by the author.

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James Devine, noted Maritime folk artist, has written wonderful songs about some of the schooners mentioned in the books. You can email James Devine at:









Fandango’s Gold
The Man Who Loved Schooners
Jake and the Magic Telescope (Treasure of Mango Island)
Where The Trade Winds Blow