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Where The Trade Winds Blow Cover

Where The Trade Winds Blow

Lou Boudreau

This remarkable and poignant story begins with a Nova Scotia boy in the West Indies during the early ‘50s and ‘60s. Growing up on the shores of a magical blue lagoon, there is black magic, interesting island characters and vivid Caribbean locales seen through the eyes of young Lou Boudreau. Tall, green, mountainous islands, with hidden coves and black volcanic sand, contrast azure coral reefs and white sand beaches.

Young Lou sails the Caribbean on swift schooners as their masts trace a winding course under tropical skies toward incredible adventures just over the horizon. Set in the different and colourful Caribbean of yesterday, Where the Trade Winds Blow is a vivid tapestry of island life, adventures under sail, and eclectic characters. This literary narrative takes you on a voyage as it chronicles the life of a boy and later a man, in love with the ocean.

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No of Pages: 282

ISBN No: 978-1-927003-20-6

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